Valentine's day is upon us! It’s the time to be lovey-dovey and spend time with those you love. So don’t let an unexpected plumbing problem ruin all that.

Lucky for you, finding a Metro Atlanta, GA plumber you’ll love is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1) Ask for recommendations or look for high BBB ratings.

You can start looking for a plumber in a few ways.

First, ask your friends and family if they can recommend a good local plumber.

These recommendations are more trustworthy than online reviews since businesses can bury bad reviews and pay for good ones.

If you can’t get any recommendations, look for plumbers on the BBB website.

Type in that you’re looking for a plumber in your city and state. Click the option next to the search button that says, “BBB accredited.” 

Find plumbers with A+ BBB ratings.

Step 2) Get flat-rate quotes and inquire about guarantees

Now that you’ve found plumbers you like, it’s time to find one you’ll LOVE.

Call at least 3 plumbers you favor and get quotes for the plumbing job you need done.

Find plumbers who offer flat-rate pricing—a quote that won’t change no matter how long the job takes. That’s the only way to know exactly what you’ll be paying for before work begins.

Hiring a plumber who charges hourly can lead to some nasty surprises if the plumber takes his or her sweet time.

Finally, ask about the plumber’s guarantees. See if they offer 100% customer satisfaction or something equivalent.

The best plumbers are confident in their work and will put their money where their mouth is.

Step 3) Ask if they have licensed master plumbers

Having a hard time deciding between the plumbers you’ve found? See which ones have licensed master plumbers.

“Master plumber” isn’t a fancy made up title. It’s an earned title that signifies a plumber’s years of experience and is recognized by the state.

Basically, the levels of plumbers go like this:

  • Apprentice/trainee plumber
  • Journeyman plumber (Has at least 3 years as an apprentice and passed state examination)
  • Master plumber (Has at least 2 additional years of plumbing experience and passed state examination)

Learn more plumber requirements from the Georgia Plumbing Institute.

So a master plumber has at least 5 years of plumbing experience and is registered by the state, showing that he has the skills to pay the bills.

Ask the plumbers you’ve talked to if they have any master plumbers, what their names and license numbers. 

You can confirm if their plumbers are master plumbers by using this professional licensing search tool.

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