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Signs Your New Air Conditioner May Need to Be Replaced

Know when to install or replace a new air conditioner or central air unit.

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A Chat with Electrical Guru and Ragsdale COO Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson, COO of Ragsdale, is a leading figure in the electrical industry. Read on for details about him and what brought him to the Ragsdale.

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5 Signs You May Have a Sewer Line Clog

A sewer line clog could be the cause when a toilet doesn’t drain, or you can smell sewerage odors in your home.

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Top Bathroom Style Trends and Upgrades for 2017

Top bathroom style trends and upgrades can transform your home and enhance daily living.

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5 Cool Trends in Smart Home Technology

Learn 5 cool trends in smart home technology and how they can improve your lifestyle today!

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How Does a Video Pipe Inspection Work?

When a drain snake or wrench just won’t do, plumbers turn to more high-tech solutions: A video pipe inspection can help narrow down the problem.

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Anatomy of a Water Leak: How the Drips Begin

Find out how Ragsdale can help you with your plumbing needs and water leaks. Call now to prevent a widespread flooding disaster in your home.

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5 Simple Plumbing Tips That Can Help You Save Money

5 Simple Plumbing Tips To Help You Save Money. Contact Ragsdale today for a complete plumbing inspection that could save with future repair costs.

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Ragsdale Service Manager, Tricia Strickland, Serves Customers Right

Ragsdale service long-timer Tricia Strickland responds to customer requests for heating and cooling service and repair technicians.

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Where Does House Dust Come From?

Reduce house dust and the causes of dust by understanding where dust comes from, such as pet dander, human skin, dirt from outdoors and cracks in the home.

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