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Repair or Replace? Find Out If Your AC Is at Its Peak

If you’ve got a serious air conditioning problem, you need to know: Repair or replace? Here are common AC issues and which choice is best for your home!

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4 Tips to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

You know those hot summer days are coming: Is your AC ready to cool down your house? Here are four maintenance steps to make sure!

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How to Prevent a Sewer Line Disaster

No one likes a sewer line problem – especially sewage disasters like flooding, clogs, or broken pipes. Here’s how you can prevent these home sewer issues.

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4 Ways to Avoid Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are a perennial issue for home plumbing: Here are five home practices to keep your pipes clog free and happy!

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What You Should Know Before Buying a New Air Filter

When the time comes to buy a new air filter, you’ll notice a lot of different choices from many different brands. Here’s what to know about choosing!

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Baby-Proofing Your Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Baby-proofing a kitchen and bathroom involves installing safety devices and developing safe habits when bathing your baby or cooking.

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Is It Energy Efficient to Change My Thermostat Temperature?

Changing your thermostat temperature throughout the day is energy efficient and reduces your heating bills, especially if you use a programmable thermostat

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Baby-Proofing Your Home for Electrical Safety

Baby proofing your home for electrical safety includes fitting outlet covers or plates, making electrical cords safe and preventing electrical accidents.

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Furnace Leaking Water? What You Need to Know

A furnace leaking water might be a sign of blocked drainage, cracked condensation pipe or other problem.

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Home Maintenance: How Do I Know if I Need New Wiring?

Here are the signs that your home electrical wiring may need to replaced or repaired: don’t miss the warning signs in your house.

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